Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I see hundreds of spam emails a month asking for me and others to pay for Search Engine Optimisation services.

What do we think at icetea?

Well firstly if you have one of our more recently designed websites it will already have facilities to make maximum use of Natural Traffic.

Natural traffic is the free visitor traffic that you get when Google presents your website to the searcher as a site with relevant information on it for whatever they were searching for.

You can’t fool Google and we only promote methods that will increase your traffic not methods that will risk you being ‘Google Slapped’ where you are removed from the index.

What to do…

Well there are three main things that are always the mainstay of SEO.

Firstly make sure that your site has lots of proper information as text in the pages and posts.

Secondly make sure that the most relevant key words are included in the Title and Header of the site. This can often be done by the site manager now and will use a purpose built plugin.

Then you need links to your site from other real and high quality websites. The first thing I do when a new website goes live is link to it from the

News pages or portfolio pages. This will result in the site being ranked on Google within 24 hours and sometimes sooner. After these three things you should make sure that image names are relevant and describe the content of the pictures. Also keep adding new information…

It is a constant struggle to rank highly as your competitors are all trying to do the same thing. If you are in a competitive niche then you need to learn more and more ways to get traffic. Consider Videos from Youtube and blogging. If you want to know more contact us through this website.

We have some professional experts who know how to get your website ranked. It might cost but if you make more money it will be worth it!