Tutorial TCYC

These are support videos for Administration of the TCYC website.


These two latest videos are for members who are already registered on the website as ‘editors’.

Video 1 is how add posts and categories and edit pages. Click Here

Video 2 is how to add .pdf documents as downloads and also how to add images. Click Here


This is how to:  Setup a google spreadsheet in google docs and insert it into the page view of a WordPress Page. (I suggest a way to link to the spreadsheet directly but you don’t need to do this in the ‘Share” options).

This is how to: Build a page in the tcyc.org.uk website.

This is how to: Setup your images and build a gallery.

This is how to: Build a gallery.

This is how to: Add posts and use the news section.

How to use Gravity Forms: Click Here.