Tutorial 1 – Watch Tutorial

On using Image Resizer.net to resize images before using them on your website. Name images properly so that you can recognise what they are when you can’t see the image. Also it won’t hurt to use more descriptive text for Search Engine Optimisation. Try not to leave spaces in the names but use – or _ instead. For example: our_day_out_at_sennen_cove.jpg When inserting images if you use the image descriptions and ‘alt’ text the descriptions will appear beside the images in the Gallery.

Tutorial 2 – How to add images  Watch Tutorial

Tutorial 3 – How to add Categories, Posts and Galleries in one website. Watch Tutorial

Tutorial 4 – How to insert images into a wordpress website. How to use the Gallery feature in WordPress that  groups images together on each page.

Tutorial 5 – Tutorial for categories and posts and galleries! Watch Tutorial Here!

Tutorial 6 – Pages, images, galleries and how the new menu system works. Watch Here

Tutorial 7 – How to backup your ftp files as well as your data files. Watch this one here! – Very important…

Tutorial 8– Widgets! Watch Here

How to use the ICETEA CMS

This is a demonstration showing how you can add a link to a document within the ICETEA system. Watch Tutorial Here

How to add links into the news pages. https://www.icetea.co.uk/tutorial/link_in_news/link_in_news.html