Photography & Video

Video is quickly becoming a vital way to communicate with your customers, promote products or services and present a professional front end to your company. Icetea has been working with video for many years and we have the experience, skills and professional equipment to provide all the latest video services.

We have worked with film companies in London and the South West, covered national events and distributed video footage downloaded by thousands of people.

Video Conversion

Icetea has the equipment to turn VHS, MiniDV SVHS, Beta, Umatic and Hi8 into video ready for Internet distribution. We can encode to MPEG 1/2/4, H.264, Flash, QuickTime and WMV.


The Internet has become the prime method of video distribution, we can publish your video to Google Video, YouTube and any other video website you require. We can also produce professionally mastered DVD’s and provide video duplication services that can be distributed in large volumes.

Video Hosting

When you need high quality online video distribution, Icetea can provide dedicated video hosting with superior service, high speed downloads and complete integration with your website.